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Who Are The Chinese? was produced in 2010 and has reached a spiritual milestone. Already launched in Malaysia, Australia, NZ, Israel, Indonesia and US, the film is used as an evangelistic tool all over the world. A pastor from the Americas requested for the film to be launched in South America and Africa next year. Testimonies after testimonies are recorded of people coming to Christ after watching the film. We will continue to launch the film in as many countries as possible to reach out to the lost.
I am now preparing for the next project; filming the Book of Revelation! I have been teaching Revelation for the last 8 years and I can certainly feel that we are edging very fast into the last days. My seminar on Revelation has been very well received in many countries and I have lost count the number of times I have taught. I felt led by the Lord to film Revelation and the following are the reasons;
  • Most Christians have very poor knowledge of the Book of Revelation
  • Many are ill prepared for what is to come.
  • The film can become an evangelistic and teaching aid to both Christians and the secular
  • Christianity is not well presented in the multimedia.
While Christians believe that the Bible is the ultimate truth, the secular do not share our enthusiasm. In fact there is a great disrespect for the Bible. Many think that the Bible is out of touch with the time and is a book of fables. In UK the disrespect have gone another bar as the Prime Minister  has successfully put a bill to redefine marriage which inevitably forced the church to accept homosexuality in the church. The fight is via the multimedia and the gay movement has won the battle and is on the offensive to destroy traditional marriage and family.
The Bible must gain prominence in society to change the status quo and show the world that the Bible is relevant to society and in fact the Book of the hour. To do that we need to fight at the turf of our enemy that is the multimedia. We Christians can hardly reach out to them as we are too ‘churchy’ or too inward looking. Many tried to get them to church but few responded to our invitations. Sadly the media has also destroy the testimony of believers by negative news report on pedophiles in the RCC, sexual misconduct of some church leaders and even financial matters. The world cannot differentiate between an RCC, different denominations or Pentecostals. They think they are the same or just Christians.
I believe I have the necessary skill to bring Revelation to the silver screen and make it simple enough for the secular to understand this important book. After teaching Revelation, I discover I have this gift of communicating complex scriptures in simple laymen terms to the masses. I am now writing the script for the film which I hope to finish by year’s end. Simultaneously, I need to raise fund for the project. Filming is an expensive venture and I do not have the financial capability to do it myself and right now I am in Malaysia to raise fund for the project. In October I will be in Australia and November in Indonesia to teach and raise funds. The estimated cost of production is USD$271,000 and this amount would have to be raised before I began filming, prayerfully from March 2014. There are many ways you can help in this project and I would list my needs to you;
  • Equipment- to cut costs, we will use local talents and on some locations, I will be personally filming instead of the full entourage which is more cost effective. I need to purchase some basic filming equipment. You can sponsor them if you like to.
  • Air tickets and hotel accommodation;- we need to fly to 8 nations  so sponsorship of air tickets  or accommodation are welcomed
  • Prayers- We need believers to commit to interceding for us daily in this highly important project.
  • Finances- We need your financial support to realized this vision so any help is appreciated. In case I do not meet the financial requirement, I need a financier to commit to help with the shortfall during filming but what ever help is taken the money will be returned after the project is completed on the second year.
  • Talents- We need animators, a film director, music arranger, an editor an videographers. I f you have any recommendation, please email me or connect the person to me.
  • Fund raising dinner- I would appreciate for volunteers to organize fund raising dinner in Penang, KL, Klang, Indonesia, Australia and NZ for the project. This will create awareness and bting potential donors for the project.
I believe this film will save many souls and bring back sliden Christians back to God. By supporting this work, you are part of the people that will bring an important work to the secular. We intend to broadcast the film via satellite and will also screen it through theatres world wide. The film will also be available through downloads and DVDs as well. I pray that many will respond to this cause and be part of something very big and I am sure you have earn yourself some ‘interests’ in your spiritual bank in heaven.
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Who Are The Chinese



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